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This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy" or "Policy") governs all websites owned or operated by the companies, divisions, affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, and business units (collectively "", "we" or "us"), including without limitation, LLC, Dialog LLC, and Serials Solutions (" Sites") that provide a link to this Privacy Policy on the homepage of the site ("Site") as more specifically described below. The Policy describes our online practices regarding information we may collect when you use the Sites and the ways in which we may use and/or share that information. This Policy does not apply to any websites owned, operated by, or associated with R.R. Bowker LLC ("Bowker"). All Bowker websites are governed by their own privacy policies and/or practices.

You should review this Privacy Policy in conjunction with any applicable Terms of Use and/or other governing agreement posted by us on the Sites such as any Community Guidelines that may be posted on certain Sites (collectively, "Governing Agreements"). If there is any conflict between a Governing Agreement posted on a Site and this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy shall control all matters regarding the use, collection and/or sharing of information we may obtain through your use of the Sites. This Privacy Policy, including the My Research Privacy Information and thePivot and Scholar Universe Privacy Information, both of which are incorporated and contained herein, is incorporated into and is part of any Governing Agreement posted on the Site, and together these documents are the overall agreement between you and


The promise

The digital world is uncertain, but we try hard to make the Sites safe and secure because we understand your privacy is important to you. This Policy was created so that you can make informed choices about your activity when you visit the Sites. The Policy sets forth the manner in which your information may be used. We promise to inform you about what we collect and to make efforts to keep your information safe.

To assist you in making informed choices about which Sites you wish to visit, and how you wish to operate once there, we have developed this Policy. In addition, we continue to make efforts to provide you with a link to this Policy (or to a relevant portion of this Policy) whenever personally identifiable information is collected online.

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