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Study on Dual-Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Low-Sidelobe Circularly-Polarized Microstr

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Tutor: ZhongShunShi
School: Shanghai University
Course: Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords: A dielectric resonator antenna,Dual-band,Dual-polarized,Total diameter,Synthetic
CLC: TN822
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2009
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According to China's \Microwave remote sensing technology as an important synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology, with its all-weather, all-day working characteristics and high-resolution imaging quality, in the field of military and civilian achieved a wide range of applications. In this thesis, applied to dual-band dual-polarized antenna array dielectric resonator antenna (Dielectric resonator antenna DRA) made some more in-depth research, a new program based on common caliber dual-band dual-polarized array . The same time, the RFID reader antenna (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID) to do some research. The main contents include the following aspects: First, the paper reviews the recent dual-polarized DRA various implementations, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods, and made a comparison and summary. Elaborated over the past decade for the development of the SAR shared caliber DBDP array, focus on specific technical indicators examine various design options, summed up the issues to be considered in the design ideas and design. In addition, the RFID reader antenna technology. Second, the article details the design of a dual-polarized DRA DRA shapes, sizes, and other parameters on the performance of the antenna, examines the role of of balanced feeding incentives to improve the antenna cross-polarization index, and balance probe and balance gap feed parameters. Processing the experimental antenna, in fact, the horizontal and vertical polarization measured impedance bandwidth (S11 ¡Ü-10dB) amounted to 7.9% and 11.8%, measured isolation in the 5.46 to 5.9GHz bandwidth greater than 35.9dB, ranking the current international advanced level. Proposed common caliber S / X dual-band dual-polarized the DRA array of new programs: the S-band oscillator and X-band DRA staggered frequency ratio of 1:3, the total diameter structure, X-band DRA balance gap feed technology to improve port isolation and reduce the level of cross-polarization, cross-polarization level S and X-band simulation-32.9d and-47.5dB, respectively, the level of polarization of the antenna has a one-dimensional ¡À 24 ¡ã phase scanning performance. Fourth, the development of a low sidelobe for RFID reader, circular polarization microstrip antenna array. An experimental antenna test and simulation results agree well a horizontal plane 2.56GHz measured side-lobe level as low as-21dB, measured polarization axis ratio of 1.1dB.
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