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Dielectric Resonator Antennas and Wideband Planar Antennas

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Tutor: ZhongShunShi
School: Shanghai University
Course: Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords: A dielectric resonator antenna,The planar monopole antenna,Plane slot antenna,Mi
CLC: TN822
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2011
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With the continuous development and use, broadband, miniaturization and bipolaron spectrum resources in the future wireless communication systems become increasingly important, especially in satellite communications, electronic warfare, and other national economic and military applications. For this purpose the paper proposed a broadband, dual-polarized dielectric resonator antenna ultra-wideband, circularly polarized planar antenna and a number of innovative design and complete the corresponding experiment. The thesis includes the following aspects: first proposed a U-shaped structure of broadband dielectric resonator antenna theory analysis of the resonant modes of the structure of the dielectric resonator, and two fed-patch. The experimental results show the oval patch fed and fed inverted triangle patch U-shaped dielectric resonator antenna relative impedance bandwidth of 72% and 84%, respectively, at the international advanced level. Second, it developed a high isolation dual polarized dielectric resonator antenna. By symmetric feed and inverting feed technology to improve the level of dual-polarized dielectric resonator antenna port isolation and cross-polarization. Polarized port measured isolation better than 42dB, and the main lobe of the antenna cross polarization level is less than-21dB, the performance more than the results reported by the existing international literature. In addition, also designed the S / X dual-band dual-polarized dielectric resonator antenna and microstrip antenna hybrid antenna array. Third, developed UWB omnidirectional planar monopole antenna. Through the analysis of the impact of the shape of the radiation patch and the power feeding structure of the antenna directivity, the power feeding structure of the rectangular radiating patch, and a two-dot to improve antenna omni-directional characteristic. Proposed WLAN band stopband characteristics embedded tuner minor in the feeder. The theoretical simulation and experimental results show that the antenna has good omnidirectional radiation characteristics in the UWB band. Fourth, the proposed L-shaped minor power feed circularly polarized fractal plane slot antenna, and a positive first-order and second-order fractal structure of diamond-shaped slot antenna. Order shape is diamond-shaped slot antenna Fractal Slot antenna with wide impedance bandwidth relative impedance bandwidth of 50.4% (3.74GHz-6.26GHz), the axial ratio 13.3% relative bandwidth of less than 3 ( 4.9GHz-5.6GHz); second order fractal slot antenna has a smaller size, in the lowest resonant frequency of the same case, the second order fractal slot antenna is only one order of 67% of the size of the shaped slot antenna.
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