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Research on the Multi-Wavelength Optically Controlled Phased Array Antenna System

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Tutor: HuiRongQing WuXianLiang
School: Anhui University
Course: Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords: Radar,Multi-wavelength,Optical phased array antenna,Programmable dispersion matr
CLC: TN958.92
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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Optical and optoelectronic technologies used in phased array radar system is becoming the development trend of the radar system design , benefit from this new technology in the field of radio frequency ( RF ) signal distribution and antenna remote control . The most attractive features of the photoelectron , with wide instantaneous bandwidth in the data when the remote control has a low transmission loss , and reduce the size and weight of the array . The inherent defects of the conventional phased array systems is a limited bandwidth , when the relatively large frequency range , generating a beam offset . For this problem, the use of real-time delay network realized by optical and optoelectronic components can be resolved. The optically controlled phased array antenna system can generally be divided into three categories : point - to - point transmission systems, time division multiplex transmission system (TDM) and wavelength-division- multiplexed ( WDM ) system . WDM system according to the wavelength of the signal delay coding system is a great hardware compression capability , but the optical device is a very high performance requirements , in particular multi-wavelength lasers require narrow linewidth , and its production cost is very high . Therefore , the study of multi-wavelength optical phased array radar is still in the experimental stage. The main work of this paper are: 1. Involved in the grasp of the subject knowledge to understand the background of its development , a holistic approach , the research topics of the tasks to be completed , overall control of the fiber phased array . Demonstrated photonics technology for optical phased array radar , and the given photonic devices based on the choice . The traditional working principle of the phase shifter phased array radar , focusing on demonstration of optical true time delay network in the case of wide instantaneous bandwidth None beam deflection characteristics , and has been proposed several real-time delay the realization of the principle of the network . Research a multi- wavelength optical control of phased array radar system structure and principles of two precision phased array beam forming network simulation measurement results , the results and the theoretical values ??, and achieved satisfactory results .
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