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Dielectric resonator antenna

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Tutor: ChenKangSheng XieYinFang
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords: A dielectric resonator antenna,Resonant frequency,Feed mechanism
CLC: TN820
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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Dielectric resonator antenna DRA (Dielectric Resonator Antenna), DRA has many characteristics superior to conventional antennas , can adapt to the requirements of modern wireless communication antennas . The main content of this paper is divided into the following sections : a brief introduction of the basic concepts of the working principle and the basic theory of dielectric resonator antenna , the article focuses on the DRA resonant frequency estimation method and DRA design applications more multi-segment the resonant frequency of the dielectric resonator structure antenna MSDRA (Multi-Segment DRA) estimation formula improved . According to the data given in the literature , and the simulation data of the article , on the basis of the original equation adds empirical correction term , the correction term is a function of dielectric constant of the media to be inserted . All data is calculated using the corrected formula , results show that the modified formula is effective to improve the accuracy of more than 30% . Feed mechanism , this part of the detailed analysis of the main factors that should be considered in the DRA design used in the feed mechanism of the advantages and disadvantages of the design and basic design method ; Finally, the actual application requirements for 802.11a and PCS were designed for two The new structure of the antenna . The first structure of an eccentric microstrip - slot coupled feed structure , ie the feed structure arrangements deviate from the position of the substrate and media center . The second structure is a microstrip line for a load with a sheet fed electrically rectangular DRA improvements in a vertical metal sheet affixed , i.e. the side of the dielectric resonator , the metal piece and the width of the microstrip feedline , and connected together. The simulation results show that : the two antenna 10dB greater bandwidth . The reflection loss of the antenna , the radiation performance and a gain substantially to meet the requirements.
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