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Synthesis and Design of Microwave Filters

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Tutor: ChengYong
School: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course: Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords: Generalized Chebyshev function,Cross-coupling,Coupling matrix,Similarity transfo
CLC: TN713
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The development of modern communications technology , better frequency selection features include microwave filters : band insertion loss as low as possible , the band rejection as steep , passband phase characteristics closer to linear . Generalized cut Chebyshev function as the transfer function of the filter has the advantages of cutting than the Chebyshev function filter and the elliptic function filters , it is possible to achieve the defined index requirements , while the cross - coupling filter introduces a finite frequency transmission zeros in improve the performance of the filter , while no increase in the volume of the filter , so that the Chebyshev function is to cut the cross-coupling of the transfer function of the filter is widely used in the communications network . In this paper, the generalized cut than Scheff function filter design theory and its realization in the filter design . Then filter derived based on the equivalent circuit model which corresponds to the network characteristic functions , calculation to obtain the corresponding admittance function , according to the transfer function of the admittance function and generalized cut than the Chebyshev function normalized coupling matrix ; transmission zero and the transmission between the pole of relationships, to determine a generalized Chebyshev the Chebyshev function filter transmission position of the zero . In the same time , the article also coupling matrix synthesis , the coupling matrix of the topology can be achieved similar transformation elimination . Then gives a method of extraction from the actual microwave circuit coupling coefficient , give specific design example for authentication . Finally, the cross-coupled filter design process , and coaxial cavity and substrate integrated waveguide cross-coupled filter design , verify previous theoretical feasibility .
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