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Study on Bandpass Filter on Multilayer Substrates

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Tutor: ChengYong
School: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course: Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords: multi-layer dielectric structure,bandpass filter,transmission zero
CLC: TN713.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the development of modern wireless communication systems, the miniaturization and integration of RF circuit is required to be considered as long as the high performance with low cost. In order to adapt to the trend of this progress, the microwave filter which is the most important part of the RF circuit together with the research of related technology has a rapid development. With the multi-layer dielectric structure technology the coupling of inductance and capacitance between layers realizes conveniently, and with the transmission zero generated by the cross coupling the filter¡¯s size can be decreased and the attenuation steep degrees of stop band can be improved in the case of the bandpass performance of filter isn¡¯t affected, in the progress of filters¡¯realizing.This thesis mainly designs two kinds of bandpass filter use the lumped parameter model as the prototype circuit. Then, the electromagnetism simulation software HFSS is used to model the filters in three dimensional and delve into theirs parameters. The major work of this paper includes the following aspects:Firstly, a kind of second-order coupled bandpass filter with two transmission zeros at the low stop band is designed with multi-layer dielectric structure. The two transmission zeros at the low stop band are produced by importing cross coupling at input and output port. That obviously improves transmission characteristics of low stop band and has almost no effect on insertion loss.Secondly, the second-order coupled bandpass filter with three transmission zeros is designed with multi-layer dielectric structure. For importing cross coupling and grounded inductance at the input and output port, there are one transmission zero at low stop band and two transmission zeros at high stop band.Thirdly, based on the work mentioned above, the impact on the transmission performance of filter caused by the importing of cross coupling, changing inductance or capacitance size of resonator and coupling inductance or coupling capacitance size between resonators.The paper lucubrates on how to produce transmission zero by import cross coupling and reduce the size of filter. The result of this paper provides certain foundation to the research of designing filter.
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