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Research of 64-Channel Data Acquistion VXIbus Module

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Tutor: MaHuaiJian
School: Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: VXIbus,Data acquisition,A / D converter,CPLD,DSP
CLC: TP274.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2003
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VXIbus C size 64 - channel data acquisition module developed . The data acquisition module is a common module necessary for the formation of a variety of VXI system , its research is of great significance to promoting the development and application of VXI Technology . VXIbus C size 64 - channel data acquisition module VXIbus interface based on register -based modular instruments . This module can be provided according to the pre - set scan address sequence , the channel ranges and trigger mode for data acquisition , the sampling clock and the sample length can be changed , the measured data in the 64K of memory after the real-time processing of the on-board CPU cache . The major contents of study include : 1 . VXI specification , on the basis of a large number of technical references see , demonstration and analysis of the overall program . CPLD technology to design the VXI bus register - based integrated interface circuit and data acquisition and control circuit , thereby simplifying the circuit design to improve reliability . 2. High-precision sampling A / D converter CS5101A as core chip acquisition module to complete the analog-to-digital conversion , the rational allocation of the A / D converter peripheral circuits and control circuits ; using high-precision , low-power oxide semiconductor analog switch MAX308 / the MAX309 build 64 channel analog signal input circuit , and can achieve 64-way signal single-ended input / 32 differential input channels can be free to switch , programmable channel range conversion . 3. The powerful digital signal processing chip TMS320F206 as a local CPU . DSP powerful data processing capability , real - time processing and automatic calibration , data collected to alleviate the burden on the host , reducing the use of hardware , and to improve the stability of the system ; F206 has 32K words of flash memory chip reduce the use of off-chip memory , reduce development costs , and can be upgraded online . 4. CPLD control logic plus the universal static high-speed memory cache after collection of data . 5. Detailed technical requirements and the process of preparing the data acquisition module instrument drivers .
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