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Design and Research of the Power Supply for Ionic Wind Air Accelerator

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Tutor: ZhouYanJiang
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: Ionic wind,Corona discharge,the equivalent circuit,high-voltage power supply,PWM
CLC: X701.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the deepening study of the Non-equilibrium plasma, the technique of ionic wind has attracted extensive attention from scholars at home and abroad, which has been a branch of non-equilibrium plasma research and the forefront of international research. The technology of ionic wind has been applied to air propulsion, cooling, electro- acoustics, particulate removal, dehumidification, air purification, solid-fluid boundary layer modification, the control of combustion and other areas. Ionic wind air accelerator is a device to achieve the purpose of airflow accelerated by using the technique of ionic wind from atmosphere discharge. But the ion wind generating devices have low efficiency and produce a low small velocity of air flow, which cannot meet the requirements of practical applications. So increasing air velocity has become a hot research direction in the international research¡£In this thesis, the general situations of the studies for the ionic wind at home and abroad and the studies of the power supply for ionic wind air accelerating are reviewed. The main research achievements and the existing problems for ionic wind air accelerating are summarized. The principle of ionic wind air accelerator is expounded from the aspects of macroscopic descriptions and microscopic analysis. Then the electrode module is analyzed from the corona discharge in ionization area and the current channel models for the ionic transporting in the ionization area and the drift zone. By the equivalent for the load characteristics of the electrode module, the equivalent circuit of ionic wind air accelerator is put forward and the equivalent capacitance and the equivalent resistance are calculated. The simulation of the equivalent circuit is conducted by the Multisim10 software. The change of the inter-electrode current which is affected by the frequency and amplitude of voltage fluctuation and the change of the equivalent resistance and equivalent capacitance is analyzed.Aiming at the properties of the corona discharge in ionic wind air accelerators and the characteristics of the discharge in the electrode module, a design of power supply for ionic wind air accelerator is put forward. The main control circuit, the driving circuit of power MOSFET, snubber circuit, he sample feedback circuit, the circuit for high-voltage boost and the multiple times for the voltage and rectifier circuit are included in the designed hardware circuits of the high voltage power supply. The system configuration of main-control chip PIC, the setting for the duty cycle and frequency of PWM and the flow chart of main program and interrupted program are included in the software designs.The designed high voltage power supply is evaluated by the experiment of prototype debugging: when the cycle of PWM is 55¦Ìs and the pulse width of PWM is10¦Ìs, The amplitude of tiny voltage change is Va . c.=977.24V and the frequency of tiny voltage change is f= 1/55¦Ìs¡Ö18.2 kHz; the error rate between the actual measuring voltage and the theoretical value is 1.58% .The high voltage range in the realization of power is from 16623V to20347V , the range of frequency is from 18.2kHz to 22.2kHz , the amplitude of tiny voltage changes is 977V and the error rate of voltage is commonly within3%. Experimental results verify that the designed power supply meets the requirements of equivalent circuit. The reasonableness of the equivalent circuit was also verified. It provides the power module for follow-up researching of ionic wind air speeding.
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