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The Power Quality Monitor Based on Virtual Instrument

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Tutor: DaiWen
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: power quality,virtual instrument,monitoring system,Fourier transforms,LabVIEW
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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As a form of energy, electric power is economical, practical, clean and convenient. It is easy to be transferred, controlled and converted. Electric power is a kind of special products which is provided to the power customers by the power divisions. As the same as many other commodities, electric power should also be stressed quality. At present, with the innovation of automation technology and the rapid development of production application in the power system, it also brings many unstable factors resulting in deterioration of power quality. In recent years, new power load is rapidly developing; power quality problems are concerned by both electric equipment and customers. So the detection of power quality parameters becomes more and more important.Traditional power parameters monitor is mainly adopted by MCU or DSP system. This kind of monitoring equipment is based on hardware which has simplex function and poor reliability. The power quality monitor based on virtual instrument is combined the virtual instrument technique with power quality measurement, which makes use of rich software functions but less cost in hardware. The power quality detecting system can realize the virtualization, network and intelligence of instrument.This paper is to design a set of power quality comprehensive measurement device of voltage level for 380V/220V,which is used to analyzes the algorithms of power quality parameters, such as current, voltage, frequency, harmonics in power grid; three-phase voltage unbalance and voltage fluctuation and flicker. And choose a feasible calculation method which can be realized by virtual instrument. Focused on monitoring system hardware, data acquisition; in Lab VIEW software development platform, the power quality parameters on, and to achieve; The paper is discussed emphatically hardware of the Monitoring system, data acquisition; the function modules, data storage and report generation are be carried out in the Lab VIEW software exploitation platform; Through the power quality monitoring based on Web, monitoring system and network combination allows the user to obtain the power quality information of monitoring in the browser,and we can obscrve the monitoring information via Web log on to the monitoring terminal in real-time.
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