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The Integrated Central Control System of Batch Dyeing Machine

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Tutor: ZhangJianXin
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: batch dyeing machine,integrated control,object-oriented,UML,CAN bus,VC,PostgreSQ
CLC: TS193.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Recently, batch dyeing enterprises in our country are facing with a phenomenon that having large varies of dyeing machines with unbalanced automaticity and lower degree of integration. Also operators in dyeing enterprises are easy to leave, and they have different quality so that they have different levels of familiarity with the automatic equipments. All these affect the dyeing result. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the integration control system for a batch dyeing process, which will implement the centralized control of dyeing machines and the information management of dyeing technique library, as well as address the integrated control between different dyeing machines, different controllers and between the centralized control system and the dyeing and chemical automatic weighing system, effectively improving the automation level for a batch dyeing process.In this thesis, firstly, after a detailed analysis of batch dyeing process, the slandered functions and parameters for batch dyeing machines are developed and then the architecture and design idea of the integrated control system of batch dyeing process are proposed, solving the integration control problem of different types of dyeing machine; Then, on the basis of OOP(Object Oriented Program) , the UML(Unified Modeling Language) is used to model the system according to the architecture of the system; The database and tables are designed in PostgreSQL which is an open source database platform, and some main functions of the integrated control system including the dyeing machine functions and parameter defining, dyeing program editing, dyeing machine monitoring, dyeing machine scheduling, recipe management and dyeing stuff and chemical weighting, etc. are developed using the Visual C + + . net software development tool. The integration of these different functions is implemented using database sharing technique; Finally, the communication protocol based on CAN fieldbus is developed through which the dyeing programs and the dyeing parameters are downloaded to the batch dyeing machine and the monitoring data are uploaded, realizing the integration of different batch dyeing controllers.In this thesis, an on-line testing experiment between the developed integrated control system of batch dyeing machines and the self-developed batch dyeing machine controller is made. Experiments results show that the system is stable and reliable and has achieved the desired functionality, being able to improve the automation and information level of batch dyeing process.
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