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Brushless DC Motor and Control System

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Tutor: NingTingQun
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: BLCDM,PIC MCU,Hall Element,PID algorithm,Control System
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Brushless DC motor is a brush DC motor, based on, and with the power electronics technology and the emergence of new magnetic materials and developed a new type of mechanical and electrical integration of special motor. Brushless DC Motor AC motor with both a simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc., and with good performance DC motor speed control, the characteristics of high efficiency, coupled with its low cost, the application from the initial military industry, the information, Household appliances, aircraft aviation days, industrial automation and the rapid development of the medical field. Energy has become a theme in today¡¯s generation, high efficiency brushless DC motor, high-precision features demonstrated its great value.Based on the analysis and summary of the conventional brushless DC motor control system based on the existing problems, design a microcontroller-based sensorless brushless DC motor with position control system. Brushless DC motor using a microprocessor as a controller, not only made the circuit is simple, improve the control of the flexibility, adaptability and control accuracy, and makes the complex control can be achieved. Use PIC16F72 MCU to control the electric bicycle motor, either programmed control, wide range of applications, flexibility, lower hardware costs, high cost performance, with upgraded space; can simplify the system structure, lower system cost and improve the system performance. Established a mathematical model of brushless DC motor; the PID as control method for the IR2110 driver chips, with Hall sensors detect the rotor position to determine the overall system architecture, design control circuit. Draw the entire control of the overall process flow chart.To micro-computer technology as the core of the control system and digital control system is the mainstream of brushless DC motor control. On this basis, the introduction of fuzzy control, neural networks, intelligent control algorithms, intelligent control of brushless DC motor control is the development direction.
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