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Study of Personnel Positioning System of Mine Based on ZigBee Technology

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Tutor: WuQingShou
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords: positioning function,ZigBee,CC2530,localization method,LPC2378
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The environment of underground coal mine is complex, and there are a variety of security risks threatening human life and property. When the mine is in dangerous situation, the ground staffs are easy to get the exact position of underground mine workers, and to carry out effective rescue work. This is significant to the safety of underground workers. Based on the analysis of existing underground personnel positioning system, positioning system based on ZigBee technology for underground workers is proposed.This paper introduces the common wireless communication technology, and analyzes the feasibility of ZigBee technology in underground mine. According to the complex underground environment, a modified RSSI positioning method is proposed. According to the function of the system, this paper describes the system structure. The system is divided into ground and underground parts. The paper describes the underground system hardware and software in details. The communication system consists of ZigBee wireless networks and Ethernet. The underground wireless network is built by the CC2530 ZigBee SoC solution using ZStack as a software development platform. Wireless network consists of underground communication station, positioning reference node and locator. Underground communication station is made by LPC2378 ARM7 microcontroller and CC2530, and in change of the wireless network and Ethernet data exchange. Positioning reference nodes are installed in the tunnel wall and collect RSSI value, personnel locator sends location information to the ground monitoring center, the monitoring center processes the positioning information, and achieves personnel positioning function.The system has many advantages, such as:accurate positioning, simple installation and low costs.It is an advanced and practical personnel positioning system, and it will have a very good social and economic sense.
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