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Application of Data Mining in Free Normal Students¡¯ Analysis of Quality Education

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Tutor: ZhangZiLi
School: Southwestern University
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: Data Mining,Decision Tress,Association Rules,Free Normal Students,Analysis of qu
CLC: TP311.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The17th National Congress of the Communist party of China has put forward the strategy of building a human resource Great Power. Education is very important for a developing country. It is not only indispensable for the construction of modern power, but also entrusted with the expectations of the millions of families for a better life, to realize Modernization of education and to speed up the transformation of a powerful nation of education to a nation of powerful education, and a human resource country to a human resource Great Power. Teacher education should be priority with the development of the talent strategy, and that the country should attach great importance to the development of education, especially the development of teacher education. From national strategies and national-based perspective, teacher education is the basic strength of the survival and development of the country and the nation, and is related to the country¡¯s reform and the global development. Teacher education is the cause of the country and the responsibility of government. In order to strengthen the development of education of China and to realize the transformation of a powerful nation of education to a nation of powerful education, the Ministry of Education proposes the plan of Free Normal Students cultivation and puts forward a clear demand of Free Normal Students cultivation target and quality. In order to achieve this requirement, Southwest University puts forward and constructs the Teacher Education Innovation Platform to support the Free Normal Students cultivation.Since the start of Free Normal Students cultivation, especially since the built of Teacher Education Innovation Platform, has the training quality and skills of normal school students really improved? Does the teaching mode and training program really conducive to the improvement of Free Normal Students capacity? Has improved the ability of Free Normal students comparing with the ability of ordinary normal students? Those problems are worth us to think about and resolve them. The reliable way to know the Free Normal Students capacity situation is assess the training quality of Free Normal students comprehensively in-depth based on a large number of real-world data. So we conduct the following research work.The research basis of this paper is the Teacher Education Innovation Platform of Southwest University. It has three centers such as Independent learning center, resource centers and capacity training center. Since2007Southwest University has cultivated more than fifteen thousand students. Because of the research requirement, the data of this paper is about the students coming into the university from2007to2011, as well as survey data from150in free education for students in the read. We also collect and process these data.The Free Normal Students capacity is cultured from the disciplines of subject professional education and teacher professional education. The former refers to the study of professional courses, while the latter refers to the study of teachers¡¯ professional competence training courses. The subject professional education takes the professional courses scores as indicators of training quality assessment, and the teacher professional education take comprehensive ability, artistic ability, musical ability, mental ability, educational technology ability, writing ability and speaking ability as indicators of Free Normal students¡¯ capacity. Based on these abilities, we analyze the influencing factors of them such as subject nature, sex, grade, the study of artistic skill training course, music skill training course, mental education skill training course, educational technology skill training course, writing skill training course and speaking skill training course. Based on these influencing factors, we definite the evaluation indicators of Free Normal students¡¯training quality analysis and built the analysis model of Free Normal students¡¯ training quality.Based on the data related to the Free Normal students and the analysis model of the Free Normal students¡¯ training quality, this paper analyzes the influence factors¡¯ importance of the Free Normal students¡¯ capacities and the changes of the Free Normal students¡¯ capacity after using the Teacher Education Innovation Platform. Analyzes the Association of the important influencing factors and the Free Normal students¡¯ capacity and give the Free Normal students¡¯ cultivation and study some reference observations and recommendations.The conclusion of the analysis:this platform significantly improves the teaching skills of the Southwest University¡¯s Free Normal Students, but there are some unforeseen problems during the Free Normal Students¡¯ cultivation. We also give some reference observations and recommendations about them.
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