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Research and implementation of heterogeneous data conversion system based on XML

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Tutor: TangYu
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: heterogeneous data conversion,XML technology,relational database,WebService tech
CLC: TP311.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Along with the fast development of health information construction andimprovement of the regional medical infrastructure, various types of medicalinformation systems had been developed and put into use. These information systemsprovid good platform for management of medical industry, improve the workingefficiency, provide guarantee for arranging the medical data, so it play an important rolein real use. However, due to the lack of unified planning, development platformdiversity, the complexity of the application system, the heterogeneity of database,resulting in a large number of ¡°information islands¡±. Therefore, data exchanging andsharing of information between the various system becomes a major system.In order toprovide efficient information support and services to the health management andpolicy-makers, achiece information sharing and business collaboration between medicalinstitutions, then the problem of heterogeneous data conversion and sharing betweendifferent systems is presented.This paper based on the Sichuan regional health information construction,combining with the characteristics of heterogeneous data, adopts data standardizedmethods to realize the data exchange and sharing. according to the characteristics ofheterogeneous relational database, proposed and designed a data conversion based onthe XML and Web Service. This solution is accomplished by using the support providedby maintenance database for XML, According to the definition of criterion medical dataof health ministry, through the analysis of health data standards, establishing relatedXML Schema, then using XML to represent these standard data. use XML DB to storethese standard information, first of all, various heterogeneous systems transmit the datain accordance with the data standard through the data interface to the XML DB, andthen can get the data what the want from the XML DB. This avoids the problem of theexponential growth of the interfaces with the increase of business applications; and eventhe business changes, it can avoid the problem of the adjust and maintain of interfaces.So it solve the drawbacks brought about by sharing of data conversion in the docking oftwo interface. Firstly, this paper gives analysis and research to the strategies and methods of thepresent data conversion. On this basis, a system of heterogeneous data conversion basedon the XML and Web Service is accomplished. and the funtions of incremental updatein the data conversion process, data subscriptions in messaging services, dataretransmission are accomplished. The main work is:1¡¢ Study the related technologies in heterogeneous data conversion process based onXML and Web Service. and proposed a data conversion program regarded XML DBas the intermediate database.2¡¢ Analyse the characteristics of the heterogeneous database, and Proposed a systemof heterogeneous data conversion based on the XML and Web Service because ofthe poor scalability and reliability and difficult to accomplish of the heterogeneousdata conversion.3¡¢ Design the XML DB intermediate database, according to the actual situation ofSichuan regional health information construction. Deploy the preservation andquery service interface, then the aim of data sharing of business information sytemof various medical institutions can achieve.4¡¢ Design the main modules of the heterogeneous data conversion system. Implementa system prototype including the data saving, data querying, the incremental datacapturing and update data subscription.5¡¢ Test the system functons and modules, and then analyse the results. verify thefeasibility and rationality of the system through the application examples.
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