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Design and Realization of Heterogeneous Database Conversion and Integration

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Tutor: TanXianHai
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: Heterogeneous Database,Data Conversion and Integration,XML,XML Schema,Web Servic
CLC: TP311.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, various information systems have been built by enterprises and universities to manage all sorts of information. However, for the difference between their business and functions, these systems are mostly independent, which can not interact very well with each other, resulting "information islands". How to integrate these business information systems well has become an urgent issue for enterprises and universities. In this field, establishing a heterogeneous data conversion system is an effective way.Firstly, heterogeneous database conversion-related technologies and strategies are analyzed. According to the data integration demand of high-speed train digitalized simulation platform of Track Communication Stational Laboratory (preparation), the scalable and flexible XML technology is selected as a bridge, and a kind of heterogeneous data conversion architecture using both Mediator/Wrapper and ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading) is designed. In this structure, XML is choosen to store the data of relational tables and XML Schema store the schema of relational tables, which establish a reliable mapping of the relational schema to XML Schema. Heterogeneous data sources is shielded based on Web Services technology, which provides a unified interface for users to access, and implements the call to heterogeneous data conversion.Secondly, the function of each module in the system is planed, and the key modules such as data extraction, data loading, and XML parsing module are described in detail. Then, the method for establishment mapping of relation schema to XML Schema is designed and implemented, and a process of parsing XML using JDOM is proposed. The system allows users to transparently access heterogeneous data conversion platform and call the conversion application by encapsulating the heterogeneous data conversion system to a web service.Finally, the system conversion function test and web services test are implemented in this thesis. The analysis of experiment result shows that the proposed heterogeneous data conversion architecture in this thesis is feasible and validated.
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