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Design and implementation of database system of VANET

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Tutor: GongHaiGang
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: Vehicle ad-hoc network (VANET),Mobile distributed database,Datacopy/cache,Data m
CLC: TP311.13
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the rapid development of VANET(vehicle ad-hoc network) and become moresophisticated, the role of VANET of mobile computing and mobile data processing hasbecome very important. Mobile Database allows the user to any time, anywhere accessto data from the database application. In terms of database application it¡¯s a new field,and at the same time have more significance to the development of parallel distributedprocessing. However, in mobile database systems, due to the mobility of vehicles, links,easy off and low-bandwidth brought us new challenges. For existing mobile database,the function is relatively weak, most of the algorithms and mechanisms are there are toomany assumptions, and there are greater limitations and some key features not bettersupport.There is still a relatively large difference between the mobile database in which themobile computing environment with the traditional distributed computing environment,which makes database processing in traditional distributed database technology isdifficult to play a better role in mobile distributed database, which according to thecharacteristics of the mobile computing environment, to study how to solve the mobiledatabase data consistency problems.In my thesis, the main technology for vehicle routing policy of Vehicle ad-hocnetwork (VANET), mobile databases, data storage model, buffering technology. Mypaper discusses the vehicular since there are some organization network such asnetwork topology structure change characteristics, to be discussed in detail. Design thedatabase according to its characteristics. VANET database system, consider thedisconnection of the link and more detailed discussion of data replication and caching.The thesis of the ultimate goal is to build a vehicle ad-hoc network databasesystem. the system can handle data exchange between the vehicle and the vehicle, thevehicle and the central server. From the characteristics of a mobile distributed databasesystems, but in the network, nodes move relatively fast, the link between two nodesdoes not guarantee a long connection, where the design of the database system can beconsider the characteristics of mobile distributed database part, but pay attention to the vehicle ad-hoc network features, integrated areas, the final design is a vehicle ad-hocnetwork database.
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