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Research and Implementation of Mobile Multiple Widgets Application Platform Based on WebKit

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Tutor: LiYun
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: Android,iOS,Cross Platform,WebKit,Multiple Widgets
CLC: TP316
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Nowadays, mobile internet is developing very fast, more and more people startusing smartphones, which also led to the development of smart phone operation systemand mobile applications. Threrfore, more and more companies and individualdevelopers are focus on mobile internet. Because Android and iOS accounted for mostof the mobile phone operation system market, so that individual developers andcompanies would mainly develop their own mobile internet products based on the twooperation systems. But, Android and iOS, and other mobile phone systems are notcompatible with each other, therefore will bring two main problems. The one is a mobilephone application needs to be developed separately on each mobile phone operationsystems, which would increase the costs of development and management of individualdevelopers and companies, they have to manage the project in accordance with eachmobile phone operation systems. The other one is that the technology of developmentfor each mobile phone operation system is not the same and the relatively high technicalthreshold. Android developers need to be familiar with Java, and iOS developers need tobe familiar with Object-C or C++. The threshold of development limits the developers.With the above problems, this thesis takes open source browser engine WebKit andmobile operation system as research object, makes a in-depth research in design andimplementation of application development in cross-phone operation system based onin-depth analysis of the characteristics and development method of the popular mobilephone operation system and Web international standards. It mainly contains:1. Research on Web standards and HTML5features, making the platform in linewith Web international standards, compatible with the latest HTML5, standardized thisplatform at the same time reduce the development threshold.2. Study the features of WebKit and the relationship between it and the mobilephone operation system. Analysis the degree of WebKit¡¯s supporting with Web standardand HTML5. Besides, both Android and iOS are using WebKit as their browser kernel,and support interface to visit WebKit. So the design and implementation this mobilephone system crossed application development platform will using WebKit of mobile phone¡¯s system directly.3. Research and design the platform¡¯s Runtime (Widget Runtime), AMS(application management system), etc. Achieve plenty of local capabilities JS extensionAPI that fit WAC2.0specification. Developers can take system local capability by usingJS API, which reaches the same effects of Native application development. Achieve theplatform for multiple Wdiget application¡¯s running so that it will fit more businessmobile application¡¯s needs.Mobile applications designed and developed on the platform with Web technologyare all able to running on Android and iOS, so it only needs to develop and maintain oneset of application for both two mobile phone systems. And developers do not need tomaster the technology of each system¡¯s development and only need to master a standardWeb technology. This subject solved the problem mentioned at the very beginning.
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