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The Dynamic Monitoring System of Gold Mine Roof Based RS-485 Rus

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Tutor: HuangZiWei
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: RS-485 Bus,AVR,Gold Mine Roof,The Dynamic Monitoring
CLC: TP274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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According to the security status of gold roof, the roof of the existing gold mine safety monitoring technology, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages. According to monitoring mine roof bolt dynamometer mature technology, proposed a force applied to gold roof bolt dynamometer monitoring program. According to actual situation on the gold bolt force to transform and to design a bus based on RS-485 real-time monitoring system of the gold roof..System based on the RS-485 bus, with the AVR as the master chip. System consists of bolt dynamometer, the extension monitor, the extension communication station, the host monitor and PC platforms. More than a bolt dynamometer regional arrangement, Each bolt dynamometer connected to a extension monitor. All the extension monitors of one area connected to a extension communication station, the extension communication station of all monitoring points connected to the host monitor, the host monitor is connected with the ground.The entire system based on RS485 master and slave mode The system includes 16 the extension communication stations, each the extension communication station of 64 extension monitors. Scanning one extension monitor takes 2 seconds, half an hour to scan the entire system, the system can meet most of the large and medium gold demand.The main content of this thesis:first introduce the overall functionality of the system planning and selection of hardware and software, and then describes the function of the subsystems and software and hardware design, RS-485 bus to improve the reliability of data transmission to do a few points in the system Design. Concluded the work done in the project and the limitations of this system and proposed measures to improve the future.
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