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Design of ARM Based Biped Walking Robot Motion Controller

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Tutor: LiZeXiang
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Control Theory and Engineering
Keywords: ARM,robot,S3C2440,¦ÌC/OS-II
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2006
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This thesis designed a robot controller based on ARM core chip, S3C2440. S3C2440 is the least product of Samsung Electronics; it can run at 533MHz maximal. It is designed for hand hold application, this is main it can be seen as micro PC, thus it is powerful, and it has more general ports and peripheral equipments for more application. Robotic control is always connected with non-linear control, variation-structure control and the body system is always in unstable state. Most of the robot controllers use DSP or other special digital chips. In our robot controller, the ARM core chip S3C2440 is selected, the external memory includes 32M*2 SDRAM, 2M NOR flash and 64M Nand flash. According the characteristic of the steering-engines control signal, use one pin of S3C2440 to control one steering-engine, use interrupts to specific the time.In hardware diver, UART1 is programmed to communicate with PC, caches and buffer which are on chip resources are enabled, the PWMtimer0 which is also on chip resource is setup to generate interrupts generator to specific the real time, the buses clock are setup.In software system,¦ÌC/OS-II is selected as the real time core. This core is designed for real time multi tasks, its high efficiency and low hardware cost has been widely used in most embedded application. This core can manage 56 tasks at the same time, in most application this is enough. The ported¦ÌC/OS-II, which supports context switch, priority change in interrupt service routine, can run on S3C2440.The actuators of the biped robot use steering-engines. This component can be seen as location serve subsystem. The controller¡¯s most basic task is to generate the control signal of the steering-engine.
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