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Research and design of integrated substation automation system

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Tutor: ZhaoGuangZhou
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Control Theory and Engineering
Keywords: Research and Design,Online operation,Relay Protection,Differential Equation Algo
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2002
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Integrated substation automation system is the use of computer automation system for real-time monitoring of communications technology on the online operation of substation equipment . It sets microcomputer relay protection , measurement , control , remote communication , to carry out a full range of control and management of substation . In-depth analysis of a power system fault signal , the method of calculation of the transient process , and analog transient waveform of the three-phase short circuit to establish a mathematical model for the power system fault diagnosis . The paper describes the Fourier transform and the wavelet transform theory , Improved Fourier differential equation algorithm and improved protection algorithm is proposed on the basis of the analysis of a variety of microprocessor-based protection algorithm . Thesis completed at the same time the overall design of the of 35KV substation integrated automation systems , system monitoring and control unit hardware and software design , system assembly debugging . The system has been the line running test , and achieved good results . On this basis , in order to meet the requirements of higher voltage level relay protection , the paper proposes a dual- CPU hardware design in order to improve the system 's digital signal processing capabilities , and complete the overall design .
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