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Optimization in Packages Transmission of WSN

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Tutor: WangXingYu
School: East China University of Science and Technology
Course: Control Theory and Engineering
Keywords: sensor networks,network diagrams,link graph,MAC,sensor power,optimization,one-wa
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Wireless sensors network is a product of multi-disciplinary integration, which is one of the most active areas in the scientific and technological development. Optimization in packages transmission of WSN is a key technology, its significance lies not only in making full use of the resources of network, but also it is the prerequisite task for WSN to complete other tasks.In this paper, for the optimization in packages transmission of WSN of complex environment, we have studied the protocols features in the environment of different transmission types and lengthen the lifetime of the network under the constraints, combined with the characteristics of their own to find ways to avoid collisions effectively and how to apply the simplest optimization algorithm to find the deploying method quickly, then put forward some new methods and improved nodes deployment strategy. Simulate experiments have demonstrated its accuracy and availability. In this paper, doing the following research work:(1) For the non-acknowledge of transmission in the nodes, first of all how to find the topology of the whole WSN to become a hard task. In this paper, according to the principle of the abstraction of the physical network into a graph, proposed a new improved algorithm to find a way to optimize the transminission in the network. The algorithm uses the search algorithm in the graph theory to optimize the model which was made from the physical network topology. Then adjustment distance between the two sending nodes to keep the sending neighbors far away from the collision, at the same time, the distance could be keeping small to make full use of the resources of the WSN.(2) The optimizing methods of the WSN based on non-acknowledge that proposed in this paper doesn¡¯t work well in the WSN which need the acknowledge message to assure the package received by the receiver node correctly. A convertion method is proposed here to transform the node graph of the network topolodgy into the link graph of the right network. Then our optimizing method could work on this link graph very well, the results of the method is the same as it in the above method. Through the calculating of theory, we get the parameters to make this method to find the result quickly and correctly. With these best parameters, we find the optimized result which could simulate the physical network well in a very short time. This method not only can be used to produce a series of transmission sets for the non-acknowledge, but can also become a efficiently method in acknowledge networks. The method we proposed in this paper is polynomial complexity, the proof is showed after the method introduction.(3) As a general case in the use of wireless sensor network, the nodes deploymented by way of uniform distribution of nodes, that is to say, network nodes in the sensor plane of the distribution density is the same everywhere in the plane of sensor field. According to the analysis and simulation, results indicated that the distribution will result in center nodes very negative way, the network resources will not be fully utilized. In this paper, we present a spatial distribution by changing the node density to improve this situation. Because the intermediate nodes have to bear the extra task, this article increases the inner node density of the network approach to balance the node energy consumption in sensoring field. Make the network energy consumption in a generally consistent level, greatly reducing the waste of energy nodes in the whole wireless sensoring network.(4) The algorithm mentioned in the above, the conclusions of network simulation and analysis of simulation results obtained shows in the last chapter of the paper. In the simulation, we considered all the circumstances and in each case for 10 tests, take the average of the results as the final simulation result to reduce the random error in our simulation work. The simulation results will be more reasonable and more able to reflect the true situation of the physical network. The simulation results show that the method is correct and effective.Finally a comprehensive overview of the text were summarized and points out the theory and application, pending further study of the major issues and future research directions.
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