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Takagi-Sugeno model of the fuzzy control system analysis and synthesis

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Tutor: YuLi
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Control Theory and Engineering
Keywords: Fuzzy Control,Takagi-Sugeno model,Linear matrix inequalities,Uncertainty,Time De
CLC: TP273.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2001
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Fuzzy Control is an intelligent control method based on the development of the concept of \This approach to fuzzy rules in the form of full use of the system of local information and expert operational experience, arbitrary precision approximation of the actual nonlinear object, thus becoming an effective method to solve the problem of modeling and control of complex objects. However, in order to ensure control precision, must use more rules form the fuzzy model of the object, which increases the difficulty of the fuzzy inference, and the resulting system less timeliness. Robust control theory has achieved fruitful results, but the uncertainty of the processing model the existing robust controller design method is mainly based on uncertainty accurate model of the object and the process is limited, with a strong non-linear and uncertainty system powerless. Based on the above considerations, the paper for a class from a norm-bounded time-varying parameter uncertainties linear pieces of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model describes the nonlinear system, combined with the robust control theory, is divided into continuous and discrete time kinds of situations, a comprehensive study of the system stability analysis and stabilization of fuzzy controller design problem. The full text is organized as follows: 1, an overview of the first overview of the development of fuzzy control, Research; brief two common fuzzy model; expounded the basic principle of the fuzzy control; particularly discusses the fuzzy control of several major research direction. 2 summarizes Mamdani type fuzzy control system stability analysis method; combined with the literature, Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy system of open-loop and closed-loop stability conditions. 3, a review of the the linear the matrix inequalities development process, are discussed in control theory; same time, given the stability conditions of TS fuzzy systems using linear matrix inequalities. 4, for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems described by the TS model is divided into continuous and discrete two cases, given the system closed-loop stability conditions and the fuzzy controller design method; two simulation examples demonstrate the algorithm is effective sex. 5, described by the TS model for a class of delay uncertain nonlinear systems, the proposed system closed-loop stability conditions and stabilization fuzzy controller design method; same time, a simulation example is given. . A_ 6, work full text summarizes the analysis of the problems and defects, and future research directions are also prospected.
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