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Underlying humanoid robot design and motion controller integrated debugging

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Tutor: MaHongXu
School: National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course: Control Theory and Engineering
Keywords: Humanoid robot,Underlying controller,TMS320OF206,PC104 bus,CPLD,PID control
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2003
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This paper describes a new generation of humanoid robot controller design ideas and the underlying implementation to solve the underlying controller small, modular , high-speed problems , reducing the mechanical loading and assembly space, easy controllers and the controlled institutions connected by the control system and power supply completely airborne , to achieve a humanoid robot walking untethered . This paper describes the development of humanoid robot at home and abroad the status and trends , and then to design a new generation of humanoid robot used in multi-layer architecture for distributed control systems to introduce the analysis of the underlying motion controller in the control system status and role , elaborated controller design idea underlying humanoid robot controller according to the specific requirements of proposed based on TMS320F206 DSP chip and PC104 bus technology, design methods . Next, highlight the controller hardware and software design and circuit implementation details , from design background , to achieve the principles of chip selection and other aspects have made a very detailed description , while the underlying control algorithm research, given based on improved digital PID control algorithm engineering implementation . In conclusion, the article of the robot power and control system is fully onboard electrical connection of the resulting problems with the distribution of research, design and distribution of electrical connection subsystem to achieve a robot walking untethered , tells Sports complex process of debugging PC commissioning and operation of software design, debugging results and actual test data analysis , and summarize some relevant debugging methods and experience.
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