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The Research on Environmental Control System of Manned Space Environmental Ground Test Module

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Tutor: QiangWenYi
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Control Theory and Engineering
Keywords: KM6,Environment control system,dynamic mathematic model,large time-delay system,
CLC: V416.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The breakthrough of astronaut extravehicular activity is the second step of manned space development strategy of our country, a basic assignment of the space laboratory project. Astronaut extravehicular activity technology is a must in the future space station project, and also a must technology in the assembly of large space station, repair and maintenance of space station. Astronaut extravehicular activity, is a complex technology consists of astronaut going from manned spacecraft, through air locker chamber, conduct a series of important space missions such as the assembly, repair, replace, launch and retrieve of spacecraft, then return to manned spacecraft safely following the extravehicular activity procedure. Astronaut extravehicular activity is a fundamental technology of manned spaceflight. Ground simulation test is considered necessary to ensure astronaut¡¯s safety and the completion of extravehicular assignments according to the extravehicular practice of astronauts from US and Russia. Thus, the ground experiment technology and the construction of its test equipment become an important part in astronaut extravehicular activity. KM6 is the largest space environment test equipment, since, it is very important to conduct research on the environment control system of KM6 level cabin. This dissertation conduct a series of research on the object and the enforcement components, setup their mathematic models, further more, carry out the research on entire control system based on computer simulations, and bring up a improved control plan.The computer simulations in the dissertation are based on simulink of matlab. The characteristics of environment control system are: 1. delay due to the length of piping; 2. coupling between parameters; 3. multiple states under control, high precision requirement. Those characteristics increase the difficulty of the designing of control system. The main issues stated in this dissertation are as following:1. Utilizing lumped parameter method, established dynamic mathematic model based on the units of brazing plate heat exchanger, piping, sensors. Furthermore, the mathematic model of temperature control of the KM6 level cabin is established, and was analyzed with simulink.2. The influence of piping on the quality of heat control is analyzed, a improved plan is proposed for the original temperature control system. The changes caused by the changes of the length of pipe line are studied, Smith predictor is applied to design the control system, further improved temperature control system.3. The dynamic mathematic models of piping, air container and regulation valve of KM6 level cabin are derived separately, then, targeting a complete subsystem¡ªAB cabin temperature control subsystem, utilizing piecewise treatment to establish a new model, a math model of flow rate and pressure regulating process.4. Targeting at the coupling in the flow rate and pressure regulating process, the decoupling control system is studied, and the designing of a decoupling controller is attempted.
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