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Research on Synthesis of Resin for Triethylamine Cold Box and the Influencing Factors of Resin Bonde

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Tutor: HuangRenHe
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: ISOCURE process,index of refraction,solvent,bench life,moisture resistance
CLC: TQ320.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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ISOCURE process has played an important role and occupied a large proportion in the domestic and foreign foundry technique. Compares with the traditional casting technique, ISOCURE process has many merits. For example, the intensity of the resin bonded sand is high, and it has high efficiency and hardens speed. The casting¡¯s surface is smooth and size precision is perfect. The pollution of the environment is small, and the energy consumption and the cost are lower relatively. Consequently, it meets the casting technique development requirement, and has the broad prospect, and particularly it will have the competitive power in automobile casting of batch quantity production.But, the technology which is introduced from foreign country is not able to adapt our national condition completely, and domestic research and development of ISOCURE stagnate. The related research material is deficient and the limitations of price variety of raw material in production, cause the development of ISOCURE process to be unable to break through the bottleneck. For example, in the reality, as well as in author¡¯s preliminary experiments, ISOCURE process existed question includes:the end point judgment of the building-up reaction of the phenylate phenolics in component one is fuzzier; heat-resisting performance of ISOCURE process¡¯ resin bonded sands is not high; the research of the solvents¡¯ type and proportion in two components are still blank; the related factors that have effect on the resin bonded sands¡¯bench life should be studied; the moisture resistant performance of the resin bonded sands is bad when they are deposited and so on. Therefore, the ISOCURE process needs more complete and innovative researches and many problems will be resolved.This subject has done the following researches on the problems of ISOCURE process:¢Ùbetter conditions are determined for the synthesis of phenylate phenolics, and the method of index of refraction is used to monitor the reaction to obtain the index of refraction condition with the best resin performance;¢Úthe modifier is joined to enhance the ordinary strength and thermal strength of resin bonded sand, and its mechanism is studied;¢Ûsingle-factor and orthogonal tests were carried out to analyze and discuss the impacts of the kinds and proportion of the solvents on the tensile strength, bending strength of resin bonded sand;¢Ûservice life of the resin bonded sand is extended, from the impacts of quantity of catalyst concentration, solvent composition, retardants and modifier;¢Ýmoisture resistance property of the resin bonded sand of triethylamine method is improved, and the mechanism of moisture resistance mechanism is explored. Through above several aspects researches, the production of ISOCURE process¡¯ resin will be cleaner and easier to operate, and resin bonded sands have higher intensity and toughness, and can be used for long time, whose heat resistance and moisture resistance are better. At the same time, the cost is lower to meets market requirements.
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