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Phosphorus pentoxide composite ammoniated condensing agent preparation of ammonium polyphosphate

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Tutor: MeiYi
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: Phosphorus pentoxide,APP,Amination reagents,Preparation
CLC: TQ314.248
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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APP is a fine summary of an important branch of phosphorus chemical industry, the molecule contains both phosphorus and nitrogen are two elements in the flame retardant industry has a wide range of applications. As social awareness, and fire laws of sound, ammonium polyphosphate as a halogen-free, low toxicity, efficient flame-retardant additives, its sales will be leaps and bounds. Differences in the level of production at home and abroad, high-end products has long been ammonium polyphosphate monopoly of foreign manufacturers, breaking technical barriers to the majority of phosphorus chemical industry workers is an important research direction.At present, mainly phosphate and urea condensation and the condensation of urea and ammonium phosphate production of ammonium polyphosphate, ammonium polyphosphate products are mainly short-chain, its synthesis technology, production scale, efficiency and product quality both in domestic and international market competition at a disadvantage, to solve these problems requires the existing APP formulation and production process improvement and innovation, the patent of the extensive literature based on material chosen as the basic raw material for phosphorus pentoxide formulation process research in order to obtain a new APP formula production process.Preparation of this paper, phosphorus pentoxide and urea ammonium polyphosphate on the basis of a full study, add a different preparation of ammonium polyphosphate amination reagents. Turn of the phosphorus pentoxide and urea; phosphorus pentoxide, urea and melamine; phosphorus pentoxide, urea, melamine and diammonium phosphate three formulations. To finalize the formulation process as phosphorus pentoxide and urea, melamine and Diammonium phosphate compound preparation of ammonium polyphosphate amination reagents.By a single factor experiment investigated (NH4) 2HPO4/P2O5 material ratio, agglomerating time, melting temperature on the synthesis of poly ammonium polyphosphate product quality and satisfied by the orthogonal experimental standard level of product requirements products. Microwave heating method using the traditional heating of ammonium polyphosphate preparation was modified to meet the standards of a product obtained by the product.By chemical analysis, powder X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy analysis of the means of the product was analyzed by powder X-ray diffraction analysis of the product and five products on the market were compared, and further analysis Crystal form pros and cons of products.
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