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Study on Zizyphus Jujube Water Consumption Character under Different Irrigation Method in Arid Areas

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Tutor: DongXinGuang JiangHuiFang
School: Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course: Hydrology and Water Resources
Keywords: Arid Zone,Water law,Irrigation system,Irrigation methods,Principal Component Ana
CLC: S665.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Tarim Basin jujube cultivation furrow-based irrigation quota up 15000-18000m3/hm2 irrigation means to cause extreme waste of water resources. Therefore, the reasonable water conservation measures and irrigation system is the key to saving and protection of the oasis water resources in the region. This pilot study Aksu, for example, jujube water consumption characteristics under different irrigation methods to study the development of rational irrigation system to provide a scientific basis for the Tarim Basin Features jujube cultivation. In this study, by the use of the the TRIME, Hydra soil water and salt thermometer, Weather Link automatic weather stations and other instruments of observation data, and using the water balance method analysis jujube under different irrigation methods the Evapotranspiration and optimize irrigation system on an experimental basis; principal component regression model simulation and prediction of jujube water consumption; introduce a default factor method with gray relational model of jujube water consumption sensitive analysis to determine the key findings are as follows: (1) under drip irrigation, jujube fertility the period of water consumption for 822mm-950.3mm; furrow, jujube whole growth period water consumption to 964.8mm 1016.1mm. There is a clear consistency between water consumption and irrigation water jujube growth period, from the view of the entire growth period, increase as jujube irrigation water, red dates water consumption also showed an increasing trend. (2) The jujube optimize irrigation under drip irrigation system for irrigation 18 times: the whole growth period, which infancy, pumping sticks leafing 2 times 2 times, early flowering, flowering times, young fruit, fruit enlargement period, maturity 2 the irrigation quota 375-405m3/hm2 ¡¤ times; jujube optimization furrow irrigation system: irrigation 18 times the whole growth period, infancy, pumping sticks leafing 2 times , early flowering, flowering time, young fruit stage 2, stage of fruit enlargement 7, maturity 2 the irrigation quota 420-480m3/hm2 ¡¤ times. (3) in the Jujube water consumption prediction modeling, from the effect of model fitting equation regression coefficients, principal component analysis, established through the t-test, regression equation by F-test, and both reached a very significant level. Built by multiple linear regression equation regression coefficients b0, b2, b3, and b4 did not pass the t-test, principal component analysis after all is a good predictor of water consumption. At the same time, the principal component analysis to reflect the size of the various factors on the role of jujube water consumption, and can reflect the key factors determine jujube water consumption. Comprehensive load values ??of the principal component of the contribution rate of each factor on the principal component, you can come to the main factors affecting the jujube water consumption for solar radiation and temperature (daily average atmospheric temperature and average daily soil temperature), followed by average daily relative humidity and average daily soil moisture content. (4) red dates water consumption sensitivity factor findings: Day solar radiation energy and average daily soil moisture content, temperature (ambient temperature and soil temperature) three factors jujube water consumption is most sensitive, including temperature and soil moisture water consumption indirectly reflects the solar radiation effect. Partial least squares regression models in the modeling process, clear physical meaning of the equation, can be explained from the mechanism of the contribution of each variable on the dependent variable, and the accuracy of the model is reliable, can be used as an alternative model, one of the water consumption forecast.
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