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Research on Evaluation System of Irrigation Area Drought

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Tutor: HuGuoHua
School: Changsha University of Science and Technology
Course: Hydrology and Water Resources
Keywords: Irrigation Area,Water Resources Supply-demand Analysis,Crop Water Requirement,Dr
CLC: S423
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Because of the enormous loss of agricultural taking by drought and the many problems in the current anti-drought measures, this paper study on the assessment, prediction and response measures for agricultural drought based on the background of the global water crisis and the basis of reference to extensive literature of civil and abroad about drought. To improve the ability of the drought resistance by a scientific and active way, considering the practice of irrigation drought management, the system of assessment indicators which is easily quantifiable and used to reflect the extent of loss of agricultural is established, and the assessment system for agricultural is researched and developed using valuation techniques and computer technology in this paper.(1)The paper set up a evaluation indicators system of irrigation arid after discussing the means of establishment and considering the practice of irrigation drought management. Then some evaluation models adjusted to Dazhen Irrigation is established in the basis of analysis some basic issues on theory, logical process and basic procedures for irrigation drought.(2)The paper studies some common calculation method of crop water requirement and analysis the structure of water supply and demand system which is involved in weather system, construction and management of projects and other aspects. Because water supply is influenced by the precipitation in particular and has a certain randomness, the paper analysis the precipitation trend during the dry days of Dazhen irrigation by using the method of Mann-Kendal non-parametric rank correlation text in order to study the stability of irrigation water supply system.(3)According to the technical route of drought assessment and the guide of software engineering theory, the paper designs the whole framework of system, the data structures and access to the interface. Then design the detailed, which generates the function structure of subsystem and the key flow. Later, according to the selected drought evaluation model and the functional requirements of its modules, and the idea of object-oriented programming, design the drought assessment system. The system could not only access to data conveniently and efficiently, but also evaluate the drought of irrigation area by using the FISHER discriminate analysis. Taking the Dazhen as a application practice, the results show that the system function can satisfy the requirements of drought evaluation and reach the desired goals of development.
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