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Research on the Micro-jetting and Control Technology of High Viscosity Fluids

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Tutor: ZhangHongHai
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Microelectronics Packaging,DispenseJet,High viscosity fluid,Dispensing valve,Dis
CLC: TN405
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The fluid dispensing technology has become one of the key technologies of microelectronic packaging, fluid dispensing is based on a controlled manner the precise distribution of the fluid. The fluid dispensing technology gradually to the non-contact dispensing contact dispensing change, this shift is inevitable, just as the dot matrix printer in the printer market transformation similar to the inkjet printer. Faster compared with traditional needle dispensing technology, injection technology, allocation and not restricted by space, etc., for the fluid dispensing process to provide high-speed, high-quality and low-cost. Injection technology is the best way to quickly and accurately to the fluid material used in microelectronic packaging for distribution. Our laboratory, the mechanical jet dispensing technology, the development of a jet dispensing system experimental platform. First, an overview of the existing jet dispensing technical principles, analysis and comparison of their advantages and disadvantages, and the range of applications and found the mechanical jet dispensing technology to meet the existing microelectronic packaging using a variety of dispensing fluid materials process requirements. Therefore, the theoretical analysis. Jet dispensing technology for mechanical According to the principles of the mechanical jet dispensing technology, design and production of the jet dispensing valve. The analysis focused on the choice of nozzle design and dispensing valve drive mechanism. The jet dispensing valve is the core of the entire jet dispensing systems have a great impact on the accuracy and performance of the fluid dispensing accuracy and quality. Then, according to the requirements of microelectronic packaging dispensing process, design the overall structure of the jet dispensing systems. Jet dispensing system by the jet dispensing valve motion platform, temperature control subsystem, pneumatic subsystems, the solenoid valve drive circuit, control systems, system control software. A detailed description of the various components of the jet dispensing system design and realization method to complete the assembly and commissioning of the entire jet dispensing systems. Finally, control parameters and performance of jet dispensing systems research. By changing the control parameters of jet dispensing experimental analysis and processing, and the experimental results. Some fault for dispensing experiments possible causes and solutions. Array dispensing the analysis and experiments. Due to the limitations of the machining level, the production of the nozzle orifice diameter of 0.4mm, so that the dispensing experiments the smallest diameter of the glue points is 0.7mm. The maximum operating frequency of the jet dispensing valve is 30Hz. By dispensing experiment proved the feasibility of jet dispensing system developed in our laboratory, and has laid a good foundation for further research work.
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