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Research on Artificial Retinal System Based on MEMS Technology

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Tutor: LiuSheng
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Bio-MEMS,Artificial retina,Finite Element Analysis,Photoelectric conversion,Cont
CLC: TH786
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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Bio- MEMS (Bio-MEMS) MEMS technology applications in the fields of biology, medicine , research suitable for biological field of micro - devices and micro - manufacturing system . Medical profession despite considerable progress on the mechanism of retinal diseases , but still do not have an effective therapeutic approach , based on the artificial retina system is a typical application of Bio-MEMS MEMS technology , the use of an artificial retina to electrical stimulation part of the way to restore the patient 's visual function , and become a very promising treatment . It combines optometry , eye surgery, new material technology and micro-machining technology achievements , production can be a film -like chip implanted in the human eye to replace the loss of function of retinal tissue lesions occur ; like integrated circuits with micro electronic technology for large-scale production , which can greatly reduce the cost of the device to improve the stability and reliability of the device . The contents of this paper are as follows: First of all , the principles of the retina chip core photoelectric conversion structure depth studies to establish its physical model and by simulation to optimize the design parameters , thereby enhancing the photoelectric conversion efficiency of retina chip ; secondly, in the retina chip design aspects of domestic and foreign common two artificial retina implant system principle in-depth study , the overall system design . Finite element analysis and comparison , the optimized design of artificial retinal system-on-chip structure ; biocompatibility testing of materials , chip manufacturing and packaging material selection and design ; through critical process test , the retinal chip production process processes; Finally, the artificial retina image processing , and retinal imaging mechanism , the control circuit schematic model is established on this basis , a conducive to the advancement of the stimulating effect of retina chip image processing algorithm . This paper aims to study the artificial retina system based on MEMS technology , Bio-MEMS practical point of new ideas , and promote the development of modern medical technology forward .
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