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Research on Wafer Bonding Technology by Localized Induction Heating

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Tutor: GanZhiYin ChenMingXiang
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: MEMS packaging,Wafer Level Package,Induction local heating,Induction heating pro
CLC: TN405
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Currently, the encapsulation and integration has become a technical bottleneck restricting MEMS industrialization . Local heating induction heating using the principle of electromagnetic induction , heating speed , selective heating characteristics ideally suited for MEMS devices package . The papers around the wafer level induction partial hotkeys together technology , RF induction heating package prototype designed and carried out wafer level the induction plus hotkey bonding process research , the main contents include : (1) a review of the electromagnetic induction heating trend the theoretical basis of the skin effect , thermal conductivity , based on the induction heating applied to the MEMS wafer level packaging theoretical analysis proposed induction local heating package . ( 2 ) system to study the induction heating packaging equipment , a detailed analysis of the various parts of the design basis and design methods , and produced the prototype of RF induction heating package . (3) Study of the production process of wafer level bonding pattern , prepared on a substrate of glass, silicon etching process by plating and electroplating etching process , the wafer level bonding layer metal pattern sample , and the thickness of the bonding layer of up to 90 microns. The sample the RF induction wafer level packaging (f = 13.56MHz), when the heating time is about 15s , the basic realization of uniform heating and bonding of the metal pattern on the 1 -inch glass substrate , which verifies the induction local heating package feasibility and superiority . (4) the large size ( 2 inches and above) wafer level induction heating package derived impedance matching is the key issue . Encapsulation equipment test using RF induction heating , the energy of the two-inch wafer key to timeliness power output is difficult to fully coupled to the wafer bonding process slow , low thermal efficiency of the power supply . The combination coil ( sensor ) can produce a uniform magnetic field in a wide range , suitable for wafer level package of two inches and above , the match can not make the load impedance and power supply impedance matching . Sensors to determine the case , the impedance matching induction local heating wafer level packaging breakthrough point .
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