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Investigation of Device Level MEMS Vacuum Fusion Packaging

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Tutor: ZhangHongHai GanZhiYin
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: MEMS,Vacuum packaging,Vacuum measurement,Vacuum is maintained
CLC: TH703
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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With the development of MEMS technology, costs account for a growing proportion of packaged MEMS devices. MEMS vacuum packaging has been the difficulty in MEMS packaging. Still not mastered the core technology of MEMS vacuum package, can not realize the vacuum packaging of MEMS devices. For these reasons, the National 863 Program approved center application project \To vacuum packaging, first need to measure the degree of vacuum within the small volume of the MEMS device. In this paper, the vacuum degree with the environment and change the principle of resonance resistance of quartz crystal vacuum measurement of MEMS devices. And various effects of a factor of the degree of vacuum measured was studied. The crude leak detection and fine leak detection method of the two detection MEMS device leakage rate leak rate testing devices and vacuum package. Contrast the method of vacuum packaging at home and abroad, China's actual situation, the use of welding package to achieve device-level MEMS vacuum packaging. Vacuum fusion welding of packaging equipment independently developed on the basis of the first metal packaging shell technology research. The theoretical analysis and vacuum packaging the long vacuum device tracking experiments can be found, the existing metal packaging can not be achieved after a long period of vacuum is maintained. Maintain in order to achieve a long and reliable vacuum degree, we designed a dedicated MEMS vacuum package enclosure and vacuum packaging experiments. The shell metal plating vacuum package, suitable metal coating thickness and material. The vacuum packaging of the large quantities of experiments, the yield is more than 90%. After its vacuum packaging casing strength test. A standard vacuum packaging process. Two vacuum encapsulation shell leak rate and the retention time of the degree of vacuum in the theoretically calculated. Through theoretical calculations and actual measurements give a theoretical life span of vacuum packaging a MEMS device. Acceleration experiments, the number of vacuum packaged devices vacuum maintained. The theoretical life given by the two different methods of calculation or less description of MEMS devices to maintain the possibility of prolonged vacuum.
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