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Research on Active Cooling Device of High-power LED Lamp

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Tutor: LiuSheng LuoXiaoBing
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: High-power LED,light extractive efficiency,packaging thermal resistance,low ther
CLC: TN312.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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LED(light emitting diode) is superior to the traditional lighting source in the characteristics of energy-saving, eco-friendly, long life, a short response time, etc. LED is an ultimate form of lamp either in principle or in practice, and for LED, all power levels and colors can be realized. In recent years, white LED light source has gradually replaced incandescent lamp, and fluorescent lamps. In addition to above mentioned applications, it is also used in the field of mobile and notebook backlight. At present, LED still has some difficulties to face, which mainly include the light extractive efficiency, high cost and heat dissipation. In this thesis, the last problem will be studied.Firstly, the outstanding advantages of LED lighting are introduced. The developments and prospects of LED applications, as well as the critical problems of LED application in general lighting are analyzed.And then the structure and luminous principle of high power LED chip are analyzed. Based on different substrates technologies, several methods of increasing the light extractive efficiency of chips are introduced.Next, heat generation mechanism from internal LED chip is introduced in the second part. It is known that the key for reducing the LED chip junction temperature is to reduce the thermal resistance in LED package. Low thermal resistance in bonding process at room temperature can significantly reduce the device packaging thermal resistance and thermal stress, the experiment that the process was used for the chip and heat sink bonding shows that the thermal resistance can be reduced more than 10 times.Finally, for the cooling demand of the high-power electronic devices, a new type of pipe less radiator was presented. After completely the design of the radiator, experimental tests were conducted under different heating powers, motor powers and the different cooling medias. It was found that motor speed and the cooling medium both have an impact on the cooling effect and although the device has good heat dissipation effect, but its smaller thermal diffusivity and long balanced time are its main drawbacks.
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