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Research on Microwave Aided Ductile Machining of Engineering Ceramics

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Tutor: ZhangHongHai WangXueFang
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Special processing,Ceramic plastic,Microwave heating,Dielectric Loss,Coaxial too
CLC: TQ174.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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Engineering ceramics to a series of excellent physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties to meet the urgent needs of the scientific and technological development of new materials for critical applications in a large number of industrial sectors. Ceramic materials common hard, brittle so that has become typical of difficult to machine materials, and hindered the further development and application of engineering ceramics. In the process of engineering ceramics, grinding, ultrasound, laser method has low efficiency, high cost disadvantage, and can not meet the actual needs of industrial applications. The rapid development of engineering ceramics much-needed research into new and efficient processing methods. To this end, the microwave energy application introduced to the machining process of the ceramic material, the microwave-assisted plastic processing new topic basic research to promote the progress of engineering ceramics processing methods. Firstly ceramic material microwave plastic processing application as a starting point, compared to the different characteristics of the mechanical engineering ceramics grinding, special processing and plastic processing methods. On the basis of a review of the development of processing methods on the microwave-assisted processing of this new approach. Second, the mechanism of plastic deformation of the crystal slip systems and shear strength of the theory of engineering ceramics. Of the ceramic material during heat plasticity by brittle transition conditions and variation to obtain a plastically deformable temperature range. After the principle of interaction between the microwave and dielectric study the thermal characteristics of the ceramic in the microwave field, describe the power dissipation and temperature field equations and equations. Explain the role of auxiliary processing device - microwave coaxial tool design. The basis of the theory, microwave-assisted processing of numerical simulation and analysis and discussion. The results include the key parameters of the electromagnetic field and thermal field. Finally, the ceramic microwave-assisted processing experimental prototype design work. The paper aims to study the material removal process and the principle of microwave electromagnetic field of engineering ceramics in the plastic state. The direction of the research work for ceramic processing new theories and methods, but also help other hard and brittle materials, such as semiconductor materials, sintered powder metal materials difficult to machine problems, has good prospects for development.
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