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Study on Pneumatic Diaphragm-based Micro Droplet Generator System

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Tutor: ZhangHongHai
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Droplet ejection,Inkjet printing,Demand jet,Direct Writing,Solder jet,Nozzle pro
CLC: TP334.83
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The droplet injection technology trace fluid dispensing technology evolved from the ink-jet printing technology , it is as a new direct write- precision processing technology is widely used in microelectronics and microsystems packaging , three-dimensional printing , organic semiconductor devices production and life sciences and chemical analysis . This paper summarizes the continuous decline of droplet ejection and on-demand (DOD) droplet injection principle , proposed a DOD - pneumatic diaphragm the declining drops injection system on this basis , focused micron-scale liquid at high temperatures aerosol spray . The droplet injection system using homemade -micron glass nozzle , four sub-systems , including temperature control , motion control , pressure control , and high-speed imaging . This article by water injection experiments verify the feasibility of of pneumatic diaphragm decline drip injection system , and the use of high-speed camera technology to take pictures of the injection process , extracted from the photo analysis data of the injection process to determine the droplet injection process several major factors and their impact on the injection process : backpressure driving pressure , pulse high time , pulse frequency , air vent and nozzle hydrophobic , which put great stomatal and hydrophobic nozzle spray . This article by experimental verification of the droplet ejection system can produce a better consistency of droplet , the droplet size, the fluctuations in the range of less than 3% , the droplet size is 2-3 times the nozzle diameter . The system has a low - cost , less demanding work environment , ease of maintenance and demolition characteristics . At the same time , the droplet injection system suitable for a variety of materials , including aqueous solution of low viscosity glue and molten metal solder , this article of these droplets spray application a preliminary study . Clear in the molten solder jet study the serious impact caused by the oxidation of spray , and by controlling the oxidation process of the molten solder , the solder jet , ideal shape micron balls .
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