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Research on Design and Packaging of the Micro Atomic Clock¡¯s Rb Vapour Cavity

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Tutor: GanZhiYin
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Atomic clock,MEMS anodic bonding,Vacuum packaging,CPT
CLC: TH714.14
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The development of atomic clocks more than 60 years of history . During this period, the theory in it more and more research has become increasingly widespread applications . However, the dependence of the work environment of high-precision atomic clock , the atomic clock must have a complex and sophisticated system to maintain , bulky , expensive . Seek a new principle support to simplify the structure of the atomic clock , the miniaturization process to promote atomic clock broader application to become an important development trend . This study is in this context by the National 863 Program support and carried out . The paper fully studied the working principle of the atomic clock and micro- manufacturing process under the premise , by theoretical calculation , finite element analysis and experimental methods such as rubidium cavity package structure and packaging process conducted in-depth research , special equipment and rubidium package the previous development . In this paper, from the following four aspects : First, the basic theory of atomic clocks : rubidium atomic structure , in particular the hyperfine levels of in-depth discussions , rubidium cavity design to provide theoretical guidance . Rubidium vapor chamber design and technology , in-depth study : rubidium chamber work environment , including temperature, magnetic field and the buffer gas ; In addition, MEMS fabrication process for silicon cavity , and a variety of processes compared and analyzed . Again the rubidium chamber Package and the process: by anodic bonding process , the temperature in the packaging process , the DC voltage , and the bonding pressure , a large number of tests , tests a leak rate of the encapsulated cavity ; new technology package were studied. Finally, the study of the of rubidium package special equipment : analysis of the characteristics of rubidium package , using a modular design , carried out a detailed study concentrated on anodic bonding bonding and the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber , and the trial of some of the samples .
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