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Research on the Principle and Experiment of Solder Micro-jetting Driven by Electromagnetic Force

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Tutor: ZhangHongHai
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Package,Electromagnetic force,Solder,Injection,Nozzle
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The electromagnetic force driving solder droplet injection technology is a new type of non- mechanical injection principle to Ampere's law in physics . Compared to other jet , driven by the electromagnetic force droplet injection technology advantages in its high energy utilization , secondly, it can reverse force to the liquid , which is not possible in other jet way . Electromagnetic force driving the solder droplets are ejected because of its unique technical advantages , widely expected in the high-density , high- reliability semiconductor packaging applications . The first electromagnetic hydrodynamics theory , draw the various factors that affect solder droplet injection driving force to form , the overall structure of the injection system has been designed under the guidance of the theory . Constant strong magnetic field, the design of the pulse circuit , the power amplifier circuit to provide control signals for the experiment according to the experimental requirements . The experiments mainly exists the problem of high temperature oxidation of the solder , insulating and sealing effect is not good , nozzle damping too , these will lead to failure of the experiment . Nitrogen of the experimental apparatus for the above problem to improve the design , such as heating to the heating chamber at the same time in order to prevent the solder from oxidation ; design the entire system is divided into several parts , each part connected by transition body and a high temperature gasket seals to address the insulation and sealing problems ; simple glass stretch apparatus is designed to produce smaller diameter and the internal friction of the small glass nozzle by stretching glass . The main factors that affect droplet size on computational and experimental current pulse frequency , pulse duty cycle . The higher the frequency of the current pulse , the faster the speed of action of the electromagnetic force , the smaller the droplets of spray forming ; pressure cavity also has great influence on the formation of the ejection pressure, the liquid in the absence of electromagnetic force under its own smaller outflow pressure can not form a jet , you should fine - tune the cavity pressure , allowing the system to achieve close to state that under static the nozzle liquid surface was crescent , slightly jet effect of electromagnetic force would be formed .
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