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Research on Key Techniques of LED Die Bonder

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Tutor: ZhangHongHai
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: LED Die Bonder,Semiconductor packaging,Motion Control,Visual Positioning
CLC: TN312.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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LED Die Bonder is a die and leadframe bonding for LED manufacturing automation equipment , the integration of image processing , pattern recognition , optical detection, control theory, mechatronics , multidisciplinary content and technology . Is the key equipment in the LED production process , its performance directly affects the production of LED performance , production efficiency and product qualified rate . The domestic microelectronics packaging equipment dependent on imports , learn from foreign advanced instrument key technologies of LED Die Bonder , the institutions of the system by the film advance rail transport mechanism , point pulp institutions , XY wafer stage , thimble institutions , pickup mechanical structure of the module the bonding agencies hopper institutions seven institutions , as well as the main control module , visual positioning module composed of three modules . On the basis of the analysis of system structure and working principle , this paper focuses on the main control system for LED Die Bonder , the visual positioning systems , grain pickup bonding issues such as timing control . Some of the design ideas and programs have certain theoretical significance and practical value . The paper is organized as follows : (1) analysis of the process flow of LED Die Bonder LED Die Bonder is determined by the mechanical structure of the module , the main control system module and visual positioning module . By analyzing the working principle of LED Die Bonder reasonable movement flowchart design . (2 ) through the analysis of the upper motor control framework based on industrial PC and the input and output templates , motion control card based PC bus , the main movement of stepper drives and stepper motor control system . Responsible for the management and control of various types of input and output signals , and to control and coordinate the execution module to complete a predetermined movement pattern and precise displacement detection sensor assistance . (3) with a visual image acquisition card , CCD camera and optical components positioning hardware system , detailed image preprocessing and image matching technology to achieve a precise control of the pickup in the bonding process . (4) of the control system software from the structure, function and tasks of the planning and design of the system , and picked up the adhesive timing control and motor calibration method .
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