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Focusing and Leveling System for Lithography Tool Based on Machine Vision

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Tutor: ShiTieLin LiuShiYuan
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Subtle manufacturing engineering
Keywords: Focusing leveling sensor,Lithography machine,Linear array CCD,Center of gravity
CLC: TP391.41
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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The high-speed development of microelectronic technology , especially the sharp increase of the degree of the integrated circuit chip , lead to smaller critical dimensions (Critical Dimension, CD) lithography continue , along with the depth of focus decreases rapidly , focusing tune the leveling system is one of the critical subsystems of the lithography machine , can effectively compensate for the influence of the error sources , and improve the sets engraved accuracy , to improve the quality of lithography exposure . This thesis special sub-topics in the national 863 the \Leveling measurement features for machine vision - based lithography focusing design using the field focusing leveling a field-by-field focusing not adjusted the level combining silicon focusing leveling process , a silicon single point height measurement , the entire field focusing leveling as well as system calibration model algorithm. The design and development of a lithography machine focusing leveling software and hardware experimental system , a silicon single- point height measurement function . Focusing leveling measurement requirements , design of experiments focusing leveling system optical structure ; hierarchy of the machine control system in accordance with the lithography machine , set up focusing leveling experimental system control hardware platform ; client - server model , preparation to achieve the the focus leveling experimental system software . The image processing algorithm for linear CCD - based single-point height measurement . A variety of image preprocessing algorithm of median filtering , Gaussian filtering, smoothing complex filtering , analysis and comparison of the filtering effect of the filtering algorithm focusing leveling image preprocessing ; proposed based on the threshold processing the gravity method and center two spot position determination algorithm to analyze the impact of different thresholds to repeat the measurement accuracy of the center of gravity method , obtained the optimal threshold value of the center of gravity method .
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