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Analysis of Fiber Grating Sensing Model and Development of Computing Aided Analysis System

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Tutor: WangGuoDong
School: Henan Polytechnic University
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: Fiber Grating sensor,Fiber Bragg Grating,Long-period fiber grating,Multiple mode
CLC: TN253
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Fiber grating sensor has become one of the fastest developing sensors in recentyears, and it is one of the focuses in fiber grating sensor field. It has obtained morewide attention in many fields such as electric power industry, structure monitoring,aerospace industry and chemical engineering et al. There are many factors that affectfiber grating characteristics, for example, temperature, strain, pressure and refractivity,so it is hard for design and application. Thus, it is of an important significance forresearchers to develop a fiber grating sensing software. The properties simulation canbe realized by this software, which can reduce research time and save unnecessaryexpenses.This paper is working on these aspects, including theoretical model established,algorithm study, characteristics analyzed and computer-aided design for fiber grating.The main contents are listed as follows:Firstly, the applications in sensor and communication fields and development offiber grating are introduced.Secondly, the theoretical model and analysis methods for fiber grating arepresented in details. The characteristics of several common Bragg fiber gratings areobtained with transfer matrix method and coupled mode theory. The regularities offiber grating characteristics with fiber grating parameters are also obtained.Thirdly, the sensing principle of fiber grating is presented and the perfect sensingtheory models are founded.Fourthly, a new transfer matrix method of long-period fiber grating is proposedand numerically characterized and the sensor properties of long-period fiber grating,such as temperature, strain and refractivity, are analyzed.Finally, using VC++programming technology, a computer aided analysis systemof fiber grating sensors is developed.
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