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Study on the Method for Liquid Concentration Measurement Based on Photonic Crystal Fiber

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Tutor: ZhaoYong
School: Northeastern University
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: Liquid concentration,photonic crystal fiber,Optical absorption,time-domainfinite
CLC: TN253
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Concentration is an important parameter of solution. The current method of detection was constantly in-depth developed, and combine with a number of new optoelectronic devices to form a new sensing method. Photonic crystal fiber(PCF)as one of the focus that studied by many people in the photoelectron fields, including the guide-light mechanism and fabrication. The application of PCF is also studied as the focus. This paper introduces a novel method combining the concentration detection and the photonic crystal fiber, and its sensing characteristics will be simulation.The research contents of the paper are introduced as following:(1) Optical sensing methods in concentration measurement at home and abroad are classified. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are summarized. This content laid a good foundation for introducing a new sensing method.(2) A simple overview is proposed for photonic crystal fiber, including the optical mechanism, classification, basic characteristics and production methods and applications. In this basis, the feasibility of concentration detection system is testing.(3) Since the analysis methods of the photonic crystal fiber are many ways, several of them are introduced and the advantages and disadvantages of various methods are analyzed in this article. In this basis, a photonic crystal fiber model is constructed to analyze the relationship of the structural parameters and the effective refractive index. The detection theory using solid core photonic crystal fiber is analyzed. The concept of the relative sensitivity of the system is proposed and the relative sensitivity in different parameters is simulated. The mode field is a very important parameter. The mode area is impact for light source-to-fiber coupling and the nonlinear effects, which is important for detecting the characteristic spectrum of measured liquid. Therefore, in this paper it is investigate a new way of enhancing simultaneously both relative sensitivity and mode area of the index guiding PCF.(4) In this paper, it is introduce a new system for detecting the concentration of the liquid and the various components of the system are chosen. From the theory, the feasibility of the system is demonstrated. It is analyze the advantages of differential measurement. Through the simulation experiments of the whole system, it is analyzed the aspects of spectrum and the light intensity diversification. Finally, the factors that influence the system are discussed.In this paper, the proposed new method, which combined concentration detection methods with photonic crystal fiber technology, is an academic frontier project.
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