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Fiber Grating Temperature Monitoring Terminal Unit Based on MSP430

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Tutor: CaoYuQiang
School: Shandong University
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: MSP430,Temperature Monitoring Terminal Unit,Fiber Grating,FBGA
CLC: TN253
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Temperature is one of the most important parameters that is to ensure power equipments run normally in power system. Although the traditional method of temperature measurement such as Thermocouple and Thermistor technology are very mature, they can all not overcome many defects that was born. Fiber Grating Sensor boasts virtues of good insulation, electromagnetic interference resistance, corrosion-resistant etc, so it is used in Power system more and more widely.The power transformer is one of the most important part of the grid. Studies have shown that the main fault of the transformer is overheat fault, and it is related to the winding temperature. The temperature rising of the winding leads to interior overheating of the transformer. Exploded damage of the insulating material accelerates the aging of the insulating oil. When short circuit happens, the insulation breakdown happens too, followed coming is accident, so there is great significance in the real-time and on-line monitoring running of the transformer.This issue introduces the research work of Fiber Grating Temperature Monitoring Terminal Unit. The paper introduces basic knowledge of Fiber Grating and analysis the application background. Based on the analysis of domestic and international transfonner temperature detection method we introduces the system of internal power transformer winding detection. Highlight analysis on the hardware design and software design of the Temperature Monitoring Terminal Unit are given.In this design, the control chip is MSP430F149which is produced by Texas Instruments, It has low power consumption, powerful, low price and other advantages. Around the control chip, we designed power circuit, clock, serial communications, debug interface, buttons, etc.. We use a3.5-inch "TFT "LCD module as display interface, it is clear, beautiful and reliable. We select a fiber grating demodulation module produced by Bayspec from United States,2*2optical switches and other devices to set up optical path portion and to complete the optical signal acquisition and demodulation. In addition, the RS485interface circuit was designed to communicate with the host computer. In the design of the shell of the temperature monitoring terminal, we use aluminum alloy and make it be compact, good Radiating, easy to install as far as possible. We used modular design concept in software design. We used the timer interrupt and serial port interrupt in the main program. We monitor the situation of key-input by querying mode. We write subroutine code such as LCD driver, the subroutine of host computer communication to achieve all kinds of functions which are temperature point measurement, displaying, alarming and data communication with the host computer.Based on the design., the test platform is established to test the performance of the Temperature Monitoring Terminal Unit. A group of sensors has been standardized. Actual data has been obtained and analyzed to lay the foundation for the further work. The system has been deployed and is running stably.
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