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Study on detection technology of laser optical axis drift high-energy pulse

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Tutor: MaXuZuo
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: CCD,Pulsed laser,Image processing,Image correction
CLC: TN247
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The laser technology is widely used in people¡¯s daily lives, the laser parametersfor its application is critical, thus the laser parameters were measured by the people¡¯sattention. The laser¡¯s beam has a good direction, high stability and high brightness, etc.and often as a measurement benchmark in ultra-precision equipment. However, theenvironment factors and the laser itself will impact the laser¡¯s beam, the outgoingbeam¡¯s direction would drift. It will affect the collimation in the actual applicationprocess. Therefore, detecting the drift of laser¡¯s beam is very necessary.With the development of infrared thermal imaging, infrared imaging system hasbroad application prospects. Infrared imaging systems from cooled to uncooledinfrared thermal imaging system, constituted by the infrared focal plane arraysstaring infrared imaging system, is the main development direction of the infraredimaging system. Based on CCD photoelectric properties in many fields have beenwidely used. The technology for the laser optical axis drift detection and lasercharacteristics of analysis can be done on the laser beam real-time, high-precision,automated measurement.This thesis is the systematic study of the laser optical axis drift based on theneeds,the first analysis of the principle of laser characteristics and optical camera,the selection of hardware acquisition system based on CCD technology, the laser spot.According to the laser emission is a single high-energy pulsed laser, and measurementmethods to tackle the high-energy pulsed laser and CCD camera synchronization,real-time and complete capture of the laser spot; at the same time,from hardwareselection to software system design two given the overall design of the detectionsystem of high-energy pulsed laser optical axis drift. In addition, the image datacorrection and image processing in order to improve software testing accuracy studyand discussion, Analysis used in image correction and image transform imagetransform image processing algorithms, and a variety of specific algorithms is VC++development platform based on the calculation of the relevant laser parameters and optical axis drift dynamic display; further research to find the most suitable centercalculation algorithms for acquisition of the laser spot center. Finally, the design iscomplete and friendly man-machine interface, the completion of the generalrequirement for high-energy pulsed laser optical axis drift detection system, andachieved good results. The and of the paper, the work of the completion of this thesis issummarized and analyzed the current system operating results and outlook forimprovement ideas and future research directions for the problem still exists.
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