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Key Technology Research on Satellite-ground Duplexing Laser Ranging and Communication System

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Tutor: LiuYunQingYi
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: Laser Ranging,JPL Composite Pseudo-code Sequence,Correlation Calculation,High-pr
CLC: TN247
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Currently, the traditional laser ranging method which uses corner reflector can measure distance as far as the moon, but the aircraft in deep space is beyond reach. But the Laser-response Ranging Method can be realized deep space vehicle distance measurement. This is mainly due to return to traditional satellite laser ranging condenser satellite signal strength with the fourth power of distance attenuation, and1the Laser-response Ranging Method received intensity of the laser signal from the secondary side with the attenuation of the satellite, thus the role of distance has been greatly the increase. The Laser-response Ranging Method System can greatly improve the response ranging distance. This is the response of the laser ranging system design and key technologies related to simulation.Based on the principle of regenerative composite pseudo-code ranging analysis of the response laser ranging system works and to make the system work process, that is on the ground ranging stations ranging PN sequence generated by the upstream signal encoders, modulators, and laser transmitter, ranging PN sequence in the same issue, do the pseudo-code sequence output from the related operations of its autocorrelation waveform, the highest point in the waveform, the distance of time on the timer, on-board terminal for receiving the uplink ranging pseudo-code signal and local PN code sequence to do its auto-correlation operation and output autocorrelation waveform, the highest point in the waveform, the pseudo-code ranging signal sent down, the ground station receives the ranging ranging PN sequence and then to do with the local PN code sequence since the relevant operations and its auto-correlation waveform output, the highest point of the waveform as the distance of time the timer stop signal; ground station through the accurate measurement of distance measurement time and the time signal on the time between the stop signal and then deducting a fixed time delay system, then get the signal from the time of laser ranging, satellite and the ground is given by calculating the distance ranging stations.In this paper, the JPL PN ranging code sequence element analysis for the auto-correlation waveform itself, designed pseudo-code generator, code tracking loop, regenerative forwarding functions downstream modules.Response of the laser ranging system of time measurement requirements, design a high-precision time measurement program that is jointly FPGA and TDC JPL composite pseudo-code simulation and propose serial correlation properties of high-precision time measurement program to prove that the laser ranging system response of the feasibility for the future provide a basis for further work.
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