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The Kinematics Analysis of the Blue Sheep Gait in Helan Mountain

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Tutor: XuKaiHong; GuZhiXin
School: Northeast Forestry University
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: Blue sheep,Image processing,Gait,Kinematics,Modeling
CLC: Q811
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The blue sheep is the animal of good at climbing and jumping, with the advantages of high-running-speed, gait stability, small landing area, low energy consumption. The bionic quadruped robots with rock-climbing function have very important applications in many areas, especially national defense, man-machine engineering, transportation, future interplanetary exploration, military investigation and so on. By studying the variation law of the blue sheep limbs movement gait, the necessary theory foundation for the development of powerful bionic quadruped robot with climbing function can be laid, which has a great practical and social significance for the development and application of the four-legged robot.On the basis of summary and analysis of gait study at home and abroad, taken the Blue sheep of Helan Mountain as the bionic research object, through analysis and research on the biological and morphological characteristics of the blue sheep, locate and identify the various factors of the blue sheep movement and its mutual relations. By the methods of monitoring and image acquisition, experimental monitor of the process of blue sheep walking can be done. Through marking the key points of the blue sheep movement of the limbs with the reflective ball, combined with the special image processing software HALCON, the parameters of the high-speed camera can be set and establish the blue sheep movement gait experimental system. Saving the series of continuous blue sheep moving images, taken in the experiment, in the computer connected to the camera. Under the interface of HALCON, measure and record the three-dimensional coordinate data of the key markers on blue sheep limbs and thus not only the gait cycle, stride, single leg span length of Blue sheep in the process of walking movement can be achieved, but also the changing trend of Joint angle of the key points marked, then establish the curve of Blue sheep movement law. Through analysis and sorting a large number of experimental data, the structural parameters (including movement joint angle retrievable value range) for establishing the moving model of the Blue sheep needed and the size of the blue sheep movement model(including the blue sheep limbs and blue sheep torso) can be ascertained and established. Blue sheep body is equivalent to the rigid body, limbs equivalent for the rod. Use the method of D-H to establish the appropriate coordinate system on each rod. Through the homogeneous transformation matrix, different coordinate systems can be conversed. Establishing the kinematics equations of blue sheep motion model, analysis of the stability of kinematics model of blue sheep in different states (ground and vacated)and the forward kinematics characteristics in these two different states respectively.
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