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The study of high energy intensity distribution of laser detection technology

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Tutor: MaXuZuo
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: CCD,laser beam quality,intensity distribution,OpenGL
CLC: TN247
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Photoelectric detection technology that is base on CCD is emerging as a means ofmeasurement, it has faster measurement speed compared to traditional measurementsand accuracy is also higher, while also satisfying the non-contact and dynamicautomatic measurement requirements, and its good stability, high resolution, easyoperation, has been widely applied in many fields. This technique for the detection andanalysis can be done on the laser beam real-time, high-precision, automatedmeasurement of high-energy laser.In this paper, it completes the implementation of the detection system of the laserbeam quality. The software system is the core in modern measuring systems. Softwaredetection system is the light intensity distribution of high-energy laser beam analysissoftware.It introduced the structure, workflows and specific method of the software.For the software architecture is needed in the development of key technologies requiredto achieve the functionality and focuses on. The software system is developed based onthe MFC in Visual Studio2005.In addition, for the right image calibration and pre-processing algorithm toimprove software measurement accuracy, devoted to the analysis and discussion of avariety of spot image to the background, the image filtering algorithm, and then itcalculate the spot parameters, as the beam bandwidth and intensity uniformity and otherparameters.Finally, in order to ensure the observed effect of the image, the image pseudo-colortwo-dimensional image display with OpenGL three-dimensional modeling of the laserspot, and discussed the freedom of rotation of the spot model based on OpenGL,OpenGL and MFC development do simple explanation.Detection system based on CCD laser beam can get the precision parameters of thebeam, the direction of development of modern measuring.
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