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The Analysis and Simulation of the Brittleness of Electric Power System Based on Chart Theory

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Tutor: RongPanXiang
School: Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: complex system,brittleness,chart theory,power system
CLC: O157.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the further development of our country¡¯s economic construction, themarket reform of our country electrical power industry is in advance steadily. Atthe same time, ensuring the safety and reliability of the electricity system is veryimportant. Electric power system is a complex system, so there will be all kindsof risk in operation. According to the theory of complex system, the brittle theoryof system is a new method to analysis the cause, the occurrence and thedevelopment process of the interlock fault, so help people to take preventivemeasures before a failure occurs to avoid the system to produce a chain reactioncollapse phenomenon.This thesis is studying the brittle problem of generator. Cellular automatamodel is a very effective method to study the brittleness of complex system. Atpresent, the application of cellular automata model has been relatively mature.This thesis analyzes the grid system by establishing the cellular automata model.But the cellular automata model is generally used to describe the coessentialsystem. For different quality system, Cellular Automata is no longer applied. Inorder to solve this problem, this thesis mainly introduces the method of graphtheory. Firstly, the theoretical modeling and analysis for power transformers inthe power system, find the brittle model and the brittle source of hierarchicalpower system. Then, the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process method to calculate thebrittleness of this layered model and get relative importance sequence vector ofeach factor to transformer faults at the bottom. Finally, define the risk ofspreading to get high risk brittle spreading. As long as they are mainly monitored,the power brittle system will be the best to avoid. This proves this analysismethod the effectiveness on the power system. Graph theory applies to both thequality and quality system.Complex system brittleness serious consequences is the loss of the entire system functions, once the system brittleness make the whole system collapseresulting immeasurable loss. Therefore, research and practical applications ofcomplex system brittleness theory to avoid the system brittle stimulate play animportant role in guiding.
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