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PCB process on the performance impact of RF transmission

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Tutor: DuXiaoTong
School: Shandong University
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: PCB craft,radio frequency circuit,Micro strip antennas,Transmission performance,
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The technologies of sensor, micro-electromechanical system and wireless network communication are integrated into the wireless sensor network (WSN) which is responsible for monitoring and collecting the data, transferring the data, assessing and evaluating the information, performing decision-making and alarm functions. A wireless sensor network which presents several unique characteristics such as low cost, low consumption power, low data rate and so on, may be widely applied to industrial process, healthcare, commercial buildings, habitat monitoring etc. And it is focused on by more and more people.The reliability of wireless sensor products is an important indicator of the product, for the past, wireless sensor production focus only on principle and function of design, reliability neglected. The reliability of product can directly affect of the value of the product and the company¡¯s future, the PCB craft to the reliability of product plays a vital role. With the development of product¡¯ reliability more and more attentioned in the design,it is no longer a simple wire connection, must be taken into account circuit signal integrity, EMI and EMC characteristics.In the process of designing and manufacturing radio frequency circuit (examination alarm system), because uses the different plate and the wiring, the distance of message transmitted by the electric circuit board. manufactured according to the schematic diagram is very different. If the processing of PCB craft is improper, it is impossible to result the sending and receiving of the radio frequency circuit work normally. So how to select the material, how to arrange the electronic device, how to wire and improve the transmission property and receiving property of the radiofrequency circuit is a very important problem.In this paper, it introduced the equivalent circuit and impedance characteristics of basic components in the high-frequency circuits, the resonance characteristics of common series resonant circuit and parallel resonant circuit .This article based on the project actual and the solution actual problem situation, introduced the basic RF electric circuit and the elementary theory, introduced with emphasis the basic structure, the main electrical parameter, radiate the mechanism of the micro strip antennas, pointed out the antenna merit and shortcoming; Then has analyzed and studied the transmission line characteristic impedance as well as the computational method of characteristic impedance; pointed out the influence of transmission line to the radio frequency transmission signal; Studied the production of crosstalk, as well as the computation analysis crosstalk and the influence of crosstalk to radio frequency transmission performance ; Analyzed and studied the influence to the radio frequency transmission performance of PCB board line as right angle line, the different line, Snake-shaped line and so on ; Analyzed and studied the parasitic capacity and the inductance effect which the hole produces, Analyzed the influence of PCB board hole to the radio frequency transmission performance; Finally analyzed and studied the influence of PCB plate to the radio frequency transmission performance, the PCB thickness to the radio frequency transmission performance, the PCB board with the copper to the radio frequency transmission performance and the PCB earth technology to the radio frequency transmission performance.
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