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Dual-band and Wide-band Microstrip Antenna Design Based on Intelligent Algorithm

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Tutor: GuoXingZhong
School: Anhui University of Technology
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: GA,PSO,MOM,Rao Wilton Glisson edge element,in-door antenna
CLC: TN822
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Microstrip antenna has many profits. These are low volume, light weight, thin profile configuration which easy to be made conformal and easy to be integrated with microwave circuit. Microstrip antenna is most suitable for aerospace and mobile applications. It¡¯s very eager for new-type microstrip antenna as the developing of aerospace and mobile field. The application of microstrip antenna is confined by its shortcoming such as narrow band or low efficiency etc. Since the late 1970s, the international antenna community has devoted much effort to the theoretical and experimental research on microstrip antenna. Many effective means have been mentioned about improved dual-band and wide-band microstrip antenna in many literatures. The computer technology is improved remarkably in recent years, and the application of computer in antenna design becomes more and more ordinary. ICAD becomes more ordinary as well. The creations of this paper in application and Algorithm is based on studying the past methods about dual-band and broadband of microstrip antenna and the conclusions of optimizing antenna design with intelligent algorithm. These antennas were designed for in-door signal distributing system.Firstly, this paper realizes the application creation in antenna design. In order to satisfying the demand of in-door signal distributing system, we study the methods about how to accomplish dual-band and broadband patch (microstrip) antenna. We design four types antenna in this paper. Especially, the last three types antenna not only inherit the profits of microstrip antenna such as thin profile, low cost, easy to manufacture, characteristic stability when it is produced cosmically, but also belong to the dual-band and broadband antenna (or ultra-broadband antenna). The narrow band character of microstrip antenna is changed completely. The result of testing and simulating in HFSS shows these antennas can be applied for in-door signal distributing system. As a new type in-door signal distributing antenna, it is deserved to be mention that the last two type antennas are applied for in-door signal distributing system in overseas. We can predict that the new type antenna will take the place of the tradition one. It is the first one in homeland and keeps ahead in overseas that the new type antenna is applied for the in-door signal distributing system.Secondly, this paper realizes the algorithm creation. The most study about optimizing algorithm, in past times in the world, was generic algorithm, and many papers have tested its optimizing capability in antenna design. As a new optimizing algorithm, PSO has many profits such as easy to realize, high precision, convergence acceleration etc when compares with GA. However, it¡¯s less known in antenna design. The foundation, which this paper discusses the application of PSO in antenna design, is conclusion of the application of GA in antenna design. And this application is combined with the RWG of MOM. Furthermore, we test it with programme, and we accomplish the algorithm creation. All of those are prepared for studying phased array antenna.
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